When workforces are dispersed and challenges are myriad, introducing and embedding corporate social responsibility as part of their business purpose might be the answer to strengthen a company’s culture.

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The coronavirus pandemic and various countermeasures employed by governments has heralded a seismic shift in how many of us are working. The number of people now operating from home has dramatically increased, with entire workforces moving online for their nine to five.

While some companies have already begun making moves to ditch their offices entirely, many others are opting for a split week or semi-regular occasions where their teams can reconvene…

With charities and partners increasingly held to account by campaigners tackling discrimination and a lack of diversity in the third sector, pulling back the curtain on outmoded practices reveals attitudes which are as much a symptom of deeply rooted issues as they are a cause.

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Say it quietly, but there’s a revolution underway. Thanks to tenacious organisers, bold campaigners and a widespread willingness to improve the charity landscape, there’s an increasing awareness of structural inequality within a sector which should be responsible for challenging and ultimately dismantling those very same barriers.

As the recent NCVO report so plainly highlighted, there…

The term can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line.

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Everybody, it seems, loves a startup. Investors love their potential and the opportunity to back the next big thing. Entrepreneurs take inspiration from them, their journeys, and those in the driving seat.

There are seemingly endless articles and column niches dedicated to covering related news and exploring trends. It’s become a true phenomenon of the business world, as more people than ever have access to the tools via which they can attempt to realize their ambitions for market domination.

So, what exactly is a startup?

The term’s modern use is widely attributed to a 1976 Forbes article. Ever since the term has taken on widespread usage.

Whether you’re a longterm gamer or you’re brand new, video games have been a saving grace in 2020

For millions of people, the more extreme measures taken to restrict the spread of COVID-19 have gradually become a thing of the past (second waves notwithstanding). As countless column inches have covered, this has been a time unlike any other in living memory. With so many of us confined to our flats and houses for prolonged periods of time with limited options for a reprieve, it’s no surprise there has been a dramatic rise in people investing their time and attention on popular culture. …

Outside of fundraising circles, the performance of a fundraiser or team of fundraisers can often be boiled down to an overly simplified black and white summary: how much was spent and how much did they raise?

For fundraising professionals, this is fundamentally what we all report against and answer to. After all, if you’re not raising the requisite amounts you are costing the charity vital funds which could be redirected to other charitable purposes.

Yet what is often missed is the nuance, the finer detail. Clear wins are always important, whether it is securing a multi-year grant, large private donation…

What’s Kanye done now — and why?

It seems as though just as we get used to the current form of Ye, the producer / rapper / artist / designer / celebrity / political candidate throws something else into the mix. There’s been plenty said and written about Mr. West, what drives him, his battles with mental health and his propensity to say things to offend and alienate both his fans and the general public alike. It’s created a tension in public and critical discourse centring around whether his personality and behaviour take away from his artistic creations.

This is, in part, an issue with the way…

We live in strange times, during which I fully defend the right for us all to embrace the ridiculous. So, with no further ado, I present to you a ‘Top 5’ list which answers the question literally no-one is asking: Which goat is the G.O.A.T. goat?

SO excited!

5. Excited goat faints on a swing

Kicking us off in style, I give you the excited goat which faints on a swing, an entry which is exactly as it says on the tin. Excited goat jumps on swing. Excited goat faints on swing. …

While I may be late to the game — both literally and figuratively speaking — since entering the world of Control, it has without a doubt captured my imagination and no small part of my thinking since. For anyone who’s played the game, you’ll probably have a good guess as to why, namely the incredible in-game world created by Remedy Entertainment. It seems I’m not alone, either, as articles on anything from it being some people’s game of the year to why the fonts make its world feel way creepier attest.

Put simply, location is everything in Control. On paper…

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